Training Tricks


MMF supports FP16 training for faster performance with negligible impact on the results through torch.cuda.amp module. Append training.fp16=True to the end of your command to enable fp16 training in the trainer.

Optimizer State Sharding#

MMF supports optimizer state sharding for fitting larger models in GPUs. To enable optimizer state sharding append optimizer.enable_state_sharding=True to the end of your command. Optimizer state sharding is achieved by using the OSS optimizer wrapper from fairscale library. OSS uses the Zero Redundancy Optimizer (ZeRO).


fairscale is not installed along with MMF due to some dependency issues. In order to use optimizer state sharding, install the library following the instructions in the repository.

Splitting Dataset#

MMF supports spliting dataset dynamically. For example, users of MMF might want to split some percentage of the train dataset to be used for validation or test. #470 introduced such a feature. You can specifiy how much of the train dataset will be used for eval or test with the following config (textvqa dataset as an example):

- textvqa.defaults
- textvqa.ocr_en
val: 0.99 # 0.99 of the train dataset will be used for validation
test: 0.001 # 0.001 of the train dataset will be used for test
seed: 123456 # this is the default seed used for the random split. This line is optional.
- textvqa/defaults/features/open_images/detectron.lmdb,textvqa/ocr_en/features/ocr_en_frcn_features.lmdb
- test_path

val and test percentages must be less than 100%. There should to be some percentages left for the training dataset.

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