Adding a custom loss

Custom Losses#

This is a tutorial on how to add a new loss function to MMF.

MMF is agnostic to the kind of losses that can be added to it. Adding a loss requires adding a loss class and adding your new loss to your config yaml. For example, the ConcatBERT model uses the cross_entropy loss when training on the hateful memes dataset. The loss class is CrossEntropyLoss defined in mmf/modules/ The loss key cross_entropy is added to the list of losses in the config yaml at mmf/projects/hateful_memes/configs/concat_bert/defaults.yaml.

Loss Class#

Add your loss class to It should be a subclass of nn.Module. Losses should implement a function forward with signature forward(self, sample_list, model_output), where sample_list (SampleList) is the current batch and model_output is a dict return by your model for current sample_list.

class CrossEntropyLoss(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, **params):
self.loss_fn = nn.CrossEntropyLoss(**params)
def forward(self, sample_list, model_output):
return self.loss_fn(model_output["scores"], sample_list["targets"])

Losses Config#

Add the name of your new loss class to your model config. Multiple losses can be specified with a yaml array.

training_head_type: classification
num_labels: 2
- cross_entropy
- soft_label_cross_entropy

For losses with params you can do,

- type: in_batch_hinge
margin: 0.2
hard: true

Multi-Loss Classes#

If a loss class is responsible for calculating multiple losses, for example, maybe due to shared calculations you can return a dictionary of tensors. The resulting loss that is optimized is the sum of all losses configured for the model. For an example, take a look at the BCEAndKLLoss class in mmf/modules/

class BCEAndKLLoss(nn.Module):
"""binary_cross_entropy_with_logits and kl divergence loss.
Calculates both losses and returns a dict with string keys.
Similar to bce_kl_combined, but returns both losses.
def __init__(self, weight_softmax):
self.weight_softmax = weight_softmax
def forward(self, sample_list, model_output):
pred_score = model_output["scores"]
target_score = sample_list["targets"]
tar_sum = torch.sum(target_score, dim=1, keepdim=True)
tar_sum_is_0 = torch.eq(tar_sum, 0)
tar_sum.masked_fill_(tar_sum_is_0, 1.0e-06)
tar = target_score / tar_sum
res = F.log_softmax(pred_score, dim=1)
loss1 = kl_div(res, tar)
loss1 = torch.sum(loss1) / loss1.size(0)
loss2 = F.binary_cross_entropy_with_logits(
pred_score, target_score, reduction="mean"
loss2 *= target_score.size(1)
loss = {"kl": self.weight_softmax * loss1, "bce": loss2}
return loss
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